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England’s Stove Works’ product line has improved exponentially since the original one-quarter inch thick, steel wood stove “boxes” of the 1970’s.  Production is constantly monitored and improved as needed at the central VA plant locations, with new production software, tools and equipment added to the facilities as sales projections increase.
Tightened emissions standards in the past several decades brought about catalytic, then new-generation non-catalytic wood stoves, with ESW on the “cutting edge” of Research, Development, and large-scale production for the industry.  With the advent of pellet stoves in the 1980’s, ESW began development and production of its own unique design of pellet stoves, and is currently one of the top (if not the top) manufacturer of pellet stoves in the United States*.  Recent product offerings include a pellet/multi-fuel burner, a European-influenced wood unit and a Contemporary-styled pellet stove, as well as a patented pellet grill that is actually a grill and a smoker. 
ESW keeps its “finger on the pulse” of feedback concerning its product, and customer testimonials – the only accolades or awards after which ESW actively seeks - See more at:

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