Basic American Supply

Our food and drink area has a variety of beverages, smoothies, and snacks!

We also serve lunch! Hot dogs and corn dogs can be purchased individually or in a meal deal with chips and a drink.

Early Bird Special

Hot drinks: Buy one get one free! 8am to 10am

Coffee options include Starbucks, Folgers, and Snow Canyon. We also have hot chocolate.

Watch for upcoming specials to be posted on signs in the store and on social media!

You may find some of your old time favorite sweets including Red Hots, Jaw Busters, and Lemonheads.

Don’t forget to grab your electrolytes and protein bars on your way to the gym!


Help yourself to a FREE bag of popcorn when you visit our store! We appreciate our customers and thank you for your business and support!

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Lillian Dockstader
Lillian Dockstader