Basic American Supply

Spring is finally upon us and Basic American has a fully stocked nursery! We have an abundant supply of trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants. Visit our nursery to find the plants you need to beautify your yard this Spring.


Seedless Ash, Eastern Red Bud, Oak, Autumn Purple Ash, Shademaster Locust, Fruitless Mulberry, Silver Maple, Rainier Cherry, Santa Rosa Plum, Fuji Apple, Manregion Walnut, Thundercloud Flowering Plum, Prairiefire Flowering Plum, Flowering Crab, Globe Willow, Robusta Poplar, Cottonless Cottonwood, Skyrocket Juniper, Witchita Blue Juniper, Austrian Pine, Colorado Spruce,


Buffalo, Mugho Pine, Blue Chip Juniper, Honeysuckle, Lilac, Variegated Dogwood, Forsythia, Neon Flash Spirea, Snowball Roseum, Potentilla, Kolorscape Kardinal, Rose of Sharon, Christian Dior Hybrid Tea Rose


Bonanza, Dianthus, Siskiyou Pink Gaura, Jacobs Ladder, Day Lily, Alyssum, Marguerite Daisy, Snapdragon, Petunia, Pansy

Other Plants:

Bluecrop Blueberry Bush, Strawberries, Red Cabbage, Late Flat Dutch Cabbage, Red Sensation Cordyline Australis

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Sabrina Black
Sabrina Black